There are different passport card fees depending on if you are an adult or a minor. The passport card has one fee for US citizens when you apply for the first time, and another fee when you already have a passport. The adult and minor passport card fees are about the same. To be considered as an adult you must be 16 or older, and to be considered a minor, you must be 15 or less. Since the PASS card lasts for 10 years, it might be a good investment for the whole family as it makes it easier to travel for US citizens. It can also be a good investment for businessmen in the US that travel a lot by land or sea.

Expedite US Passport Card Application

If you need to receive your passport faster than the normal time, you can pay an additional passport card fees to expedite the process. You should then receive your passport within three weeks after sending in your application. When you pay for expedited service, the US Department of State processes your passport application within eight business days after receiving it.

Traveling With The Passport Card

The US Passport Card is good for land and sea travel from Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean into the United States. You cannot use the US Passport Card for air travel at all. The purpose of the passport card is to offer a more convenient option than a regular passport book for US residents who frequently cross the border, typically by land to and from Mexico and Canada, but also for people who cruise to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.