Passport Card Application

The regular passport is good for all international travel by land, sea and air. The US Passport card is limited to northern and southern US border countries that you enter and return by land or sea. If you want to apply for a US Passport Card and you already have a regular passport book and if you meet the eligibility requirements to use Form DS-82, you may apply for the passport card.

To be eligible to use Form DS-82, your current passport cannot be damaged and you must be able to submit it along with your passport card application. (It will be returned to you.) Your passport must have been issued to you at age 16 or older and within the last 15 years. It also needs to have been issued in your current name; if not, you need to provide an original or certified copy of your legal name change.

If you want to apply for a US Passport Card and have never had a passport or do not otherwise qualify to use Form DS-82, you need to apply in person and fill out Form DS-11. Whichever way you apply, by mail or in person, your US Passport Card will be mailed to you, if you are approved, by First Class Mail.

Follow the PASS card application process